Both of Malamine Sinzani and Nyamina

Let’s talk now to other Marka Segou. Our informant assures us, “their accumulated wealth was considerable. This immense fortune was the subject of several stories and anecdotes. The elders of Ségou and its surroundings are familiar with the story of two famous men: the Malamine (Mamadou Lamine) of Sinzani (Sansanding) and Nyamina. Among them, one who lived in Sansanding was particularly known. He was entitled to special flattery.

The troubadours covered him with praise. He was a renowned figure. Everywhere, adulation, everywhere, we applauded. His generosity was praised, praised all the green banks of Djoliba. The griots he devoted a song as a praise: “Gnana Malamine anw my.” (Malamine has been good to us. Malamine of Sinzani was very generous. I have traveled across the country to the east. I walked up behind the Bani. I had no rights comparable to Malamine. ”


About the film Sia:

Sia is the title of a film already popular in Mali and West Africa. This work is a cinematic achievement of Burkinabe Sotigui KOUYATE (whose origins are in Niamadila Kita). I know that the self is hateful, but for me, the show is in very bad taste. For all those who know so little history of Ouagadougou and our country must have been especially surprised and disappointed by how the facts have been interpreted.

In the film Sotigui, the girl was raped for the sacrifice by the high priests of the snake. Although this is a legend, this version is hardly acceptable for several reasons. From a young age, the opportunity was given to us to listen to the stories, myths and legends of country and country of Kakolo Soninke. Nowhere, we heard a story of rape around the legend of Bida. Then everyone knows, animism, our common ancestral religion did not allow certain behaviors on the part of his followers. The fetish priest had to be virtuous, if not his idols turned against him. The facilitator was best known by his uprightness and loyalty.

Moussa Fofana is a veteran of teaching. A native of Nara and installed in Koutiala where we had known the former Educational Adviser is retired because of name is Teacher College Modern Sincina. You had found several of his works in its columns. Our collaborators now host a segment on “point of history” that will guide our generation.
Who was Dinga?
It was he Dinga Dinga Khass Yougou or Khor (the patriarch Dinga). Son of Kridio Tagamanké and grandson of Yougou Doumbessé, he was the ancestor of Wagué founders of the Empire of Ouagadougou. It is considered the grandfather of all the Soninke in general. The longevity of Mama Dinga Khor which was more than a century enabled him to have many children and therefore a very numerous progeny. Archer formidable, this man was an extraordinary leader. Priest drinker at all, he was well versed in occult knowledge. It was the most high priests of the hyena and the eagle. His power was based on the cult that vowed to these carnivorous beasts.
A contract binding the two hyenas and an eagle, Kardigué. The first hyena Dinga had a black body with white paws. It was the color of the sky (Sankaber). His name was Djatouroufing (Djatouroubiné in Soninke) presented against the other by a white body and black legs. The hyena was called Djaba as a high priestess of Ouagadougou including several women Soninke is named. But why an alliance with animals? This explanation is in the old beliefs according to which no creation on earth has as much knowledge as the hyena and the eagle. Foourou nama hyena night has knowledge and understanding of the depths of the earth. She inhaled the smell of the ground, then traced the signs of “tourabou” (geomancy) interpreted it. Then she “cried” and yell announced the happiness or misery. Sirimandjan Douga has the expertise and know heavenly day. In his place, he sees the mysteries of the distant sky and the secrets of the day.